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Interview with Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze

Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze thumb

Fontaine: Ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome two French women team players Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze. And my first question is how was your game today, Sophie?

Milliet: I drew, and the game was quite tough - I was under pressure, didn’t get out too well out of the opening, but managed to get some counter game and drew the fight, it was not an easy job.

Interview with the Cyprus team

Press conference Cyprus thumb

Every day we try to invite interesting chess people to the press conference to share their impression on the Olympiad in general and to speak about the development and problems in the respective chess federations.

Today we also invited the new guests, the captain of the Cyprus team Marius Schinis, the member of the Cyprus Chess Federation and a member of the team Vasilis Aristotilus. Let me also introduce the FIDE Delegate representing Cyprus federation, the General Secretary of the Federation Paris Kleridis.

Interview with Mikhail Gurevich and Cemil Can

Press conference Gurevich thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our press conference and let me introduce you the Turkey 2016 team player Ali Marandi Cemil Can who is doing very well as well as the team coach Mr. Mikhail Gurevich. My first question to Mikhail, are you satisfied with your results?

Gurevich: I am indeed satisfied with what we are doing here, the boys are doing a great job and it is far more better than we expected before the start of the Olympiad, I am satisfied with what we have. The boys have no fear and no idols, they are fighting each match up to the end, it’s very good though.

World Chess Olympiad - Round 7 Report

Round 7 Armenia China thumb

After taking a short break with the previous round, the team of Russia has returned to the winning paths in the 7th round of the Chess Olympiad Open section.

Russia and Azerbaijan signed three draws before the time control, but Alexander Grischuk remained in the seat and kept pressing against Eltaj Safarli. Sasha eventually converted the extra pawn into full point, bringing a 2,5-1,5 victory to Russia and redeeming himself for the yesterday's setback in the match against Armenia.

Interview with Chu Bo, President of the Chinese chess federation

Cho Bo thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Mr. Chu Bo, the head of the Chinese chess federation who is a special guest of the Olympiad. My first question is what do you think of the atmosphere and the Olympiad organization?

Chu Bo: I am satisfied with the organization level and the atmosphere which we have here. It’s very good and I personally like it very much.