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Interview with Wang Yue

Press conference Wang Yue thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, we have Mr. Wang Yue here who won his game against Sergey Movsesian today from the team of Armenia. What helped you to win today?

Wang: I think all the game was alright but Sergey made a mistake and moved his bishop to h5, so that helped me to win.

Karlovich: Did you make any preparations before the Olympiads, did you make any specific training?

Wang: Yes, we spent about two weeks near the seaside in Beidaihe resort where we took some rest and had enough time to prepare for the competition.

Fontaine: How do you get along with your fellow mates, what do you expect from this Olympiads?

Wang: We do well together, but as we are a young team we need some more experience and of course luck.

Press conference Wang Yue


Karlovich: It is true that sometimes men help their female colleagues and share ideas with them. Do you have time to help women team here?

Wang: Yes, we try to help them but this time we do not have a lot of time.

Karlovich: The last question for today: What do you think about the results on the other boards?

Wang: Table three looks promising but I do think that the games are fair.