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Press conference with the Nigeria team

Press conference Nigeria thumb

What Olympiad is always famous and good for is that it gathers many chess players from all over the world. They come to play chess, meet friends, discuss chess development and have good chess atmosphere.

The representatives from Nigerian Chess Federation arrived to Istanbul for the same reasons. They came to the press center for the conference to share their impressions on the Olympiad, to say how the Nigerian players perform, what is new in Nigerian chess.

The President of Nigerian Chess federation Sani Mohamed told the journalists that their federation is in good contact and friendly relations with the Turkish Chess Federation. He also mentioned that he is very thankful to Ali Nihat Yazici for all his work to develop chess and in particular the program "Chess in schools".

He also underlined that he would like to invite Ali Nihat Yazici to Nigeria to introduce the program there, he said that the Nigerian schools will use the Turkish model of chess introduction.

Press conference Nigeria 2


The captain of both Nigerian teams shared with the journalists that their teams are doing well in this Olympiad and he is happy by the performance of his players though they lost to Australia in the 7th round. So far men’s team won in 4 matches and lost 3.

Chess in Nigeria is developed on a comparatively good level. The President of Nigerian Chess Federation said that they are making their utmost to play and train chess to promote and develop chess in a country.

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