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Interview with Mikhail Gurevich and Cemil Can

Press conference Gurevich thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our press conference and let me introduce you the Turkey 2016 team player Ali Marandi Cemil Can who is doing very well as well as the team coach Mr. Mikhail Gurevich. My first question to Mikhail, are you satisfied with your results?

Gurevich: I am indeed satisfied with what we are doing here, the boys are doing a great job and it is far more better than we expected before the start of the Olympiad, I am satisfied with what we have. The boys have no fear and no idols, they are fighting each match up to the end, it’s very good though.

Karlovich: I know that yesterday you had a tough day, what was there interesting in the previos round?

Cemil Can: I and my fellow mates had totally winning positions but as I had some time trouble I missed one simple move and had drastically ruined my position.

Karlovich: What do you expect from the Olympiad?

Cemil Can: We have come here to learn and this is our main aim, although we are now among the 40 best teams of the competition. Our time has not yet come – we are talented but we do require experience, so in the future we will play better.

Press conference Gurevich


Karlovich: What are the conditions made here for further development of the talented players? Do you like to work here?

Gurevich: I have never seen any country like Turkey who creates such good conditions for my boys – They have everything they can ever dream of and our training is going on very well – I am proud to work here.

Karlovich: I know that you are a very good player yourself, why don’t you participate this time?

Gurevich: I have played in chess Olympiads but now I am concentrated on training. Some of my pupils have become trainers themselves so I do not need to play any more. My task here to create talented youngsters and I do what I can to make it true.