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Interview with the Cyprus team

Press conference Cyprus thumb

Every day we try to invite interesting chess people to the press conference to share their impression on the Olympiad in general and to speak about the development and problems in the respective chess federations.

Today we also invited the new guests, the captain of the Cyprus team Marius Schinis, the member of the Cyprus Chess Federation and a member of the team Vasilis Aristotilus. Let me also introduce the FIDE Delegate representing Cyprus federation, the General Secretary of the Federation Paris Kleridis.

The representatives of the Cyprus Federation shared with the press journalists that the Cyprus team is very happy to participate in the Olympiad. Taking the chance, they thanked the Turkish Chess Federation for giving the opportunity to spend good time in Istanbul.

The captain of the Cyprus Team Marius Schinis is very proud of his team, mentioning that the two players are going for the CM titles and one player to reach the FM title. He emphasized that this is very important for the Cyprus Federation. The Cyprus team is a very friendly team, with good atmosphere and spirit; the players train together and help each other.

Vasilis Aristotilis is fulfilling the norm of CM title in the Olympiad. On behalf of the whole team he expressed his gratitude to the Turkish Chess Federation. He said that thanks to the perfect conditions they have here, they show good results.

Press conference Cyprus


Paris Kleridis said that chess is being developed better in Cyprus now. There have been many Chess Academies created in many cities. The good coaches and trainers work in many schools.

There are about 450 children who play chess in Cyprus. Every year the number of children who want to learn chess increases. This is very good result for Cyprus. Paris Kleridis thanked the World Chess Federation for its help to promote chess in Cyprus.