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Interview with Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze

Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze thumb

Fontaine: Ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome two French women team players Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze. And my first question is how was your game today, Sophie?

Milliet: I drew, and the game was quite tough - I was under pressure, didn’t get out too well out of the opening, but managed to get some counter game and drew the fight, it was not an easy job.

Fontaine: What are your plans for this Olympiad, do you believe you can get up to the women world team championship qualifiers?

Maisuradze: Before the competition I had some doubts, but now I am sure that we can go up to Top-5 or Top-10 and show good results. We are facing strong teams like Russia and Ukraine but we do quite well, for example, managed to draw the match with Ukraine, so we are sure to show a good level.

Fontaine: Your team coach is Mathieu Cornette, what is his style of training, how do you prepare for the game?

Maisuradze: It is a secret (laughing), however we do work a lot. Of course he is one and we are four, but he usually comes to our rooms and we work independently on our chess.

Sophie Milliet and Nino Maisuradze


Fontaine: How do you prepare for the next round? Does Mathieu decide the team composition by himself or there’s another way to do it?

Milliet: Actually we have a team meeting the night before the match and we share opinions with each other, after which Mathieu gives a final decision – so it is quite a common work that we do.

Karlovich: Have you already discovered some interesting places in Istanbul, do you enjoy the city?

Milliet: Oh yes, we do, hope we have enough time to wander around this wonderful place.