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World Chess Olympiad - Round 10 Report

Round 10 China - USA thumb

The Open Section will see an exciting finish as three teams are entering the final round with equal points - China, Armenia and Russia (sorted according to tie-break score).

China's top striker Ding Liren nicely outplayed Alexander Onischuk in the Rook endgame, and with the other three games being drawn, China signed an important victory against USA.

Interview with Bёrge Robertson and Herman Kristoffersen, the organizers of Tromsø Chess Olympiad in 2014

Tromso thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Bёrge Robertson and Herman Kristoffersen, the organizers of the 41st Chess Olympiad which will be held in Tromsø. My first question is how is the preparation for the Olympiad going on?

Kristoffersen: We are doing our best to make our dream come true. Don’t think that our city is a cold and lonely place – we will make the Olympiad warm and friendly for everyone who is welcome. It is our national project to make it the best Olympiad of the north. I have learnt a lot about the coordination in Khanty-Mansiysk and here in Istanbul and believe me – you will be glad to see our competition and participate in it.

Press conference with International Team of disabled chess players

Press conference IPCA 1 thumb

KARLOVICH: Dear ladies and gentlemen, let me invite you to the press conference with the members of the International team of physically disabled chess players (IPCA). Let me introduce you the first board of the team Andrei Obodchuk and the team captain Zbigniew Pilimon.

My first question is about the organization itself: when was it founded, what are your main goals? Could you, please, tell a bit more about your team, which plays in the Olympiad?

Press conference with GM Francisco Vallejo Pons of Spain

Press conference Paco Vallejo thumb

KARLOVICH: Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to welcome our new guest: the first board of the Spanish team, GM Fransisco Vallejo Pons. Let me ask you, Paco, about your performance here so far and how is your team doing?

FRANCISCO VALLEJO: Hi everyone, my performance has been good so far comparing to my rating. I am gaining some rating points I think. I was playing quite well but I made few mistakes important mistakes, for instance in my game against Aronian where I was slightly worse but I should not lose. I also lost to Ivanchuk, but ok, it may happen to everyone.

Turkish night cancelled

image-1The Turkish Night party scheduled for tonight 7th of September has been cancelled. 25 soldiers were lost and 4 were injured in an accident in Afyon, and the party is called off due to mourning and respect to the families. The Turkish Chess Federation expresses the deepest condolences to the families of the soldiers and the Turkish people.