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Interview with the national team of Togo

Press conference Togo thumb

Fontaine: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome the National team of Togo and the president of the Togo Chess Federation. And my first question, how are you doing here, guys?

President: We are having pretty tough time – lost a lot, but managed to defeat Virginian Islands so it is a good chance for us to show that we can fight for victory.

Fontaine: What are your plans on this Olympiad?

Bruno: It is first of all to show that we are a new nation but we want to play better, to meet those who are stronger than us and to attract more attention to chess in our country.

Fontaine: When was the Chess Federation found in Togo?

President: Officially it was founded in March 2012, but we did a lot of work and since 2003 our national clubs wanted to become a whole national federation.

Fontaine: What chances will you have after your Federation is recognized by FIDE during its Congress here, in Istanbul?

President: It will give us possibility to sign agreements with our national government on regular basis and develop sports like chess in the field of education. We are looking forward to creating a club network and developing chess in schools in our country.


Press conference Togo


Press conference Togo 1