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Interview with Josip Asik and Alisa Maric

Press conference Maric Asik thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you a famous chess couple - Josip Asik, the chief editor of the Chess Informant and one of the strongest Serbian women players Alisa Maric. My first question to Alisa, you have recently become a minister of sport of your country, what do you think of it?

Maric: Yes, indeed, after 6 days of my work I was already sent to London as a representative of Serbia and we have managed to win one golden medal so far, it is a good result though.

Karlovich: Do you feel sorry that you are not playing in the Olympiad?

Maric: I know what is the pressure and tension and I am rather proud that I am not in such a nervous position as the players. I have participated in several Olympiads and now it’s time to let the younger generation play.

Karlovich: What are your plans as a minister for the development of chess in your country?

Maric: My aim as a minister is not to develop chess itself, but to create conditions when chess or any other sport can be developed, to give all children a chance to try their strength in various types of sport.

Press conference Maric Asik


Karlovich: Josip, what are the plans of the modern Chess Informant, I know that in the era of Internet it’s not so easy to fight for the readers?

Asik: Our task is not to be faster than Internet – no book in the world can be faster that modern hi-tech solutions. The idea of the Informant is to create heritage and history, to make a unique book, which will serve as a source of knowledge, when you can take it and see who played this or that variation.

Karlovich: Is there’s something new in the Informant?

Asik: Yes, we have got not only commented games, but also opinions and suggestions from such well known players like Garry Kasparov, we are open to the world and hope that the world is opened to us in exchange. It is important to keep the book as it is – because for generations of players our edition is a symbol of new knowledge ad we are proud to keep on working to make it better every day.