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Press conference with the Nigeria team

Press conference Nigeria thumb

What Olympiad is always famous and good for is that it gathers many chess players from all over the world. They come to play chess, meet friends, discuss chess development and have good chess atmosphere.

The representatives from Nigerian Chess Federation arrived to Istanbul for the same reasons. They came to the press center for the conference to share their impressions on the Olympiad, to say how the Nigerian players perform, what is new in Nigerian chess.

Interview with Wang Yue

Press conference Wang Yue thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, we have Mr. Wang Yue here who won his game against Sergey Movsesian today from the team of Armenia. What helped you to win today?

Wang: I think all the game was alright but Sergey made a mistake and moved his bishop to h5, so that helped me to win.

Interview with Akin Gokyay

Akın Gökay thumb

Interview with Turkish businessman Akın Gökyay, whose collection of 412 chess sets is in the Guinness Book of Records.

Fatma Ozturk: When did you learn chess?

Akın Gokyay: My father was an algebra, geometry teacher and a very strong chess player. He made me play chess with him. I used to get bored but he wouldn't let me leave. In the end I was always losing. Think about it, you play a game and you always lose it.

Chess Olympiads and Istanbul 1927 - 2012

book-2Olympiads are the most special types of competitions. Chess Olympiads are no different. Contestants from all over the world, competing for their countries, bring the competition alive. To know history of the competition and know its heroes makes it all more interesting and exciting.

For that reason TCF and the Chess Olympiad 2012 organizers have published a unique collection of Chess Olympiads 1927 - 2012. The book contains tournament reviews, historic photographs, top games, standings by boards, and the most important facts and figures for each event.

FIDE Trainers' Commission Meeting

Trainers’ Commission assembled for a meeting on the September, 2 in the morning in the Hotel Polat Renaissance. 25 famous trainers attended the meeting, among them FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong, and Secretary of the Commission for Women’s Chess Susan Polgar.

Chairman of Trainers’ Commission GM Adrian Mihalčišin reported about the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk. Since the abovementioned event there were conducted 30 trainers’ seminars, even in such remote places, as Nigeria and Tajikistan, where FIDE trainers were welcomed very cordially.