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Press Conference with the French captains

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Fontaine: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today we would like to ask women and men team coaches about the actual situation of the Olympiad, whether you are satisfied with the playing conditions? It is true that the men team did really well and is among the strongest ones in Europe, however, the loss against Croatia came unexpectedly. How did you manage to overcome the difficulties, what do you think about it?

Tregubov: Yes, we are pretty satisfied – as soon as we are in time – we are quite alright, I have no negative remarks about are conditions here. We were quite good these rounds and I would say that I do not want to make any forecasts for the future – yes, we have lost against Croatia, but still I do hope that we will keep ourselves calm and we’ll do our best to overcome the difficulties.

Fontaine: The women team was doing quiet well too, however the ladies could not prevent themselves from losing against Russian team too. What do you think was the main reason for that?

Cornette: Well, first I need to admit that we managed to win one game and drew another. As for the girls on tables 3 and 4 I would have said that they should work a bit more as they are not used to it. Perhaps this is the main reason for our defeat though.

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Fontaine: A question for both of you. Every coach has its own unique style. What do you do to keep your players ready – do you work with them altogether or you have an independent approach for each of them.

Tregubov: I try to work independently – if something is wrong we settle the thing over with the player, if some variant has problems – we work on it – that’s how the things are.

Cornette: The work with my ladies is totally different. I just need to keep them ready to fight, the main thing is not to let them down, not to get said or nervous, so perhaps I might have offered them to dance to keep them happy…

Fontaine: We know that two strong players are missing – Etienne Bacrot and Marie Sebag. Had this affected the team spirit and would you have played better if you had both of them with you?

Tregubov: Of course we feel sorry they are not wit us, especially as I personally now – Etienne has always did a great job in the team. But we have people who can take his place and fight well at the board.

Cornette: The reason for Sebag – is some problems with the French chess Federation – I would also be happy if she could be here.