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Press Conference with Olexandr Sulypa and Mikhail Brodskiy

Press conference Ukraine captains thumb

KARLOVICH: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are starting first press conference of the fifth round day. We are happy to welcome our guests: Olexandr Sulypa, trainer of Ukrainian Men’s Team and trainer of Ukrainian Women’s Team Mikhail Brodskiy. We will start from our usual question: how was the preparation to Olympiad of Ukrainian teams, which as we know in different years were Olympic Champions and Ukrainian Men’s team is the current Champion?

BRODSKIY: We have had several training camps in Konche-Zaspa near Kiev and we are quite satisfied with the preparations. In comparison with previous years when we hardly had any camps – this year is very productive.

83. FIDE Congress

ortabanners 0183. FIDE Congress will be held in İstanbul Polat Renaissance Hotel between 01st and 09th of September 2012.

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World Chess Olympiad - Round 4 Report

Round 4 women thumb

In the 4th round of the World Chess Olympiad the teams of USA and India were paired to play on the first table. Just before the time control India's leader Krishnan Sasikiran became entangled in the net of Hikaru Nakamura, but Pentala Harikrishna immediately struck back on the 2nd board by defeating Gata Kamsky.

In the other two games the Indians held the minimal positional advantage but this was not sufficient to achieve more than two draws and the match finished in a 2-2 tie.

In one of the derby matches of the whole Olympiad Russia and China played on the 2nd table. Bu Xiangzhi comfortably held Sergey Karjakin with the Petroff defence but Wang Yue erred terribly and fell victim to a knight's fork.

Press conference with the team from Jamaica

Jamaica thumb

KARLOVICH: Let me welcome our guests, these are the representatives of Jamaica team: the President of Jamaica Chess federation Ian Wilkinson, captain of men's team, Russel Porter, captain of women's team, WFM Debora Richards Porter, 1 board of women's team, 10-folded Champion of Jamaica and Krishna Grey, current Woman's Chess Champion of Jamaica. Our question is how did Jamaican team prepare to the Olympiad?

WILKINSON: First of all let me thank the Organizers of the World Chess Olympiad. It is a privilege and pleasure to be in this fantastic city Istanbul. We are enjoying ourselves though the games are tough. The preparations were very good. Our women's team was preparing with the International Master and coach Russel Porter who happens to be a husband of our 1st board of women's team.

Press conference with Adrian Mihalchishin and Arshak Petrosyan

Mikhalchishin Petrosian thumb

KARLOVICH: Dear ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to invite you to the first press conference of the fourth round day. Let me welcome our guests: Adrian Mihalchishin, the trainer of Turkish national women’s team and the chief of FIDE Trainers Commission and outstanding and well-known trainer of Armenian team, which was two times Olympic champion - Arshak Petrosyan.

So my first question is to Adrian Mihalchishin: can you tell us more about your preparation to this Olympiad and in general about your team, which is the strongest among Turkish women’s team?