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Book Signing by Famous Players

AKA 3968Famous chess players and authors will be signing their books at the Turkish Chess Federation's book stall on 4th of September after they finished their games.

If you want your chess book to be signed by Judit Polgar, Mihail Marin, Jacob Aagaard, Lars Schandorff, Boris Avrukh and many others, do not miss your chance.

World Chess Olympiad - Round 6 Report

Round 6 Angola women thumb

The 6th round of the 40th Chess Olympiad was a showcase of classic monster matches. When Godzilla and King Kong fight you don't get in the way. You step back and watch the destruction hoping you don't become collateral damage. You're torn between wanting to see one of the monsters completely destroyed or having them step back to lick their wounds living to fight again.

In the Open section, top seeds Russia and Armenia met with monster mayhem on boards 1 and 2. Kramnik with the white pieces searched for some small opportunity to squeeze his Armenian opponent and his opportunity came about when Aronian pressed too hard, handing Kramnik the victory. Read the transcript of Vladimir Kramnik's press conference.


maskot duyuruDear Chess Friends;

The organizing committee will start to pay pocket money on 04th of September after 15.00 pm at the coordination center to the teams listed by development commission. We kindly ask to captains of those federations which are entitled by FIDE for 70€ pocket money for each player and captain of team.

Press conference with GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia

Press conference Vladimir Kramnik thumb

KARLOVICH: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have to introduce you to our new guest. Everyone knows the Ex World Chess Champion, the first board of the Russian men’s team GM Vladimir Kramnik. We would like to congratulate him on his victory in the game against GM Levon Aronian from Armenia. We are very happy and grateful to him for his time and ask him to share on his impression on his particular game and the performance of the Russian team so far in general.

Press Conference with the French captains

Press conference French team thumb

Fontaine: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today we would like to ask women and men team coaches about the actual situation of the Olympiad, whether you are satisfied with the playing conditions? It is true that the men team did really well and is among the strongest ones in Europe, however, the loss against Croatia came unexpectedly. How did you manage to overcome the difficulties, what do you think about it?