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Press conference with Polgar sisters

Press conference Polgar thumb

The last press-conference was devoted to Polgar sisters: Sophia, Judith and Susan.

Sophia’s visit was an incredibly pleasant surprise for both other sisters. As Susan lives in the USA, Judith lives in Hungary and Sophia - in Israel, sisters lack communication and try to catch opportunities to get together. Every year sisters meet during annual event - Polgar Chess Day.

Sophia emphasized that she is very happy not only to meet her sisters, but also to be at such a Chess event as the Olympiad, since she hasn’t participated in Olympiads for 15 years.

Answering to the question whether Susan is going to come back as an active chess player, she admitted that she is very much involved into chess program and educational activities on the basis of Webster University and she doesn’t feel like entering the arena again.

Press conference Polgar


Judith told journalists about her web-site and series of books “Judith Polgar teaches chess”, the first volume of which is “How I beat Fisher’s record”.

The book is based on the games, played by Judith starting from 6 year old age till the year until 1991, includes different chess and emotional memories. Judith is looking forward to hold the book in her hands herself, because it’s like her small baby.

Press conference Polgar 1