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Interview with Boris Gelfand

Press conference Boris Gelfand thumb

Karlovich: Dear ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Boris Gelfand who is now well known after his match against Vishy Anand. What do you actually think about that struggle, Boris?

Gelfand: It was pretty tough and both fought well. Perhaps I was less lucky, but still there’s a lot to analyze and a lot to learn, I liked the match very much, it was good.

Karlovich: Do you feel yourself more popular than before?

Gelfand: Yes, indeed, this event is special and I feel myself in another way after a struggle against Anand.

Karlovich: Do you feel special about representing your country here?

Gelfand: It’s my 10-th Olympiad altogether and my 7-th for Israel. Of course now we no longer have chances for medals but the two previous Olympiads we really did well and we are proud of it.

Press conference Boris Gelfand


Karlovich: 12 years have passed since Istanbul was an Olympiad city, is there any difference between these two events?

Gelfand: Sure, at that time we played better, but the living conditions were poorer, however we lived in another part of the city and could walk in the evening, wonder about the city. Now we can’t do that.

Karlovich: What do you think of your chances for the next world champion cycle? Are you sure of yourself?

Gelfand: There’s nothing special about this or that cycle, I do not make any forecasts – my job is to work on my chess, though. One is sure to win the title out of the 8 participants.

Press conference Boris Gelfand 1


Karlovich: Do you feel that after the match against Anand your opponents are more afraid of you than before?

Gelfand: I see nothing special and I personally don’t have anything to mention about any so-called fear. It’s normal pressure, it’s normal chess. Everything’s alright!