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Interview with Ruslan Ponomariov and Alexander Moiseenko

Press conference Ponomariov Moiseenko thumb

Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome this round winners, Ukrainian grandmasters, two times Olympiad champions Ruslan Ponomariov and Alexander Moiseenko. And my question is how was this match?

Ponomariov: It was not a tough one, my opponent didn’t show anything special, I overplayed him gradually.

Moiseenko: I had problems after the opening, my opponent made a few strong moves but finally in a time trouble I slipped away and made a draw.

Karlovich: Have you watched the other games when you discovered that Ruslan won his game and your team is winning?

Moiseenko: Not really - I was stuck with my bad position and the only thing I was concentrated on was some way to get out of this trouble.

Press conference Ponomariov Moiseenko 1


Karlovich: Do you feel special that your opponents' coach, Vladimir Tukmakov, was once Ukrainian coach?

Ponomariov: Not really, Sulypa is another case though and I would prefer not to compare them, we are just playing - we do not need to think about coaches.

Moiseenko: We are keen on our team spirit and we are just a strong team.

Karlovich: What helps you win your games?

Moiseenko: We are strong, we play well.

Press conference Ponomariov Moiseenko


Karlovich: Do you like the conditions here?

Ponomariov: It could be better, I don’t like the fact that we are far from the places of interest. Sometimes spectators interrupt us, we could have done much better without these factors.

Karlovich: You mean?

Ponomariov: I scored 4 games, however I could have scored more, missed something in a match against Montenegro. But it’s just a game – everything can happen.