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2012 World Chess Olympiad has been organized under the auspices of Mr. Suat Kilic, The Minister of Youth and Sports.

The previous Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Faruk Nafiz Ozak gave his personal support in the name of the Turkish Republic and the cabinet. Now the new Sport Minister Mr. Suat Kilic took the flag from his colleague to make this eminent organization perfect. He is interested in every phase of this important event closely. Mehmet Baykan, manager of youth and sport, is also ready to back TCF up right from the beginning till the end.
suat kilic
Suat Kilic, Minister of Youth and Sports

Biography of Suat Kilic

Minister of Youth and Sports

Suat Kilic was born in 23 July 1972 in Samsun. He has many titles like lawyer, journalist and writer. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law and worked as a program producer, announcer, news editor in many famous radio, tv channels.

November 3, 2002, he entered the Turkey Grand National Assembly as a Presidential Board Member, Secretary General of the AK Party and the vice president of Central Publicity&Media. He was also editor chief of Bulletin of Turkey which was an official monthly publication of AK Party for six years.

July 22, 2007 elections, he entered the parliament for the second time as a Vice President of Publicity and Media, AK Party Member of Group Management Board, Member of BSEC Parliamentary Assembly of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Member of the Constitutional Commission, Turkey-Brazil Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group. He was the Vice President of AK Party Group from 2009 to 2011. June 12, 2011 elections, he entered Parliament and became the Minister of Youth and Sports.

Mehmet Baykan, The Manager of Youth and Sports

Biography of Mehmet Baykan

Manager of Youth and Sports

Mehmet Baykan born in 1964 in Konya, began his first directorship in Konya Taşkentspor in 1988. After assuming duties of the Vice President of Konyaspor and Provincial Delegation of football, he served as the Chairman of Konya Amateur Sports Clubs Federation between 1998 to 2011. He also worked as a sports consultant in Konya Metropolitan Municipality for two years.

In 2001 he elected as a Vice-Chairman of the General Confederation of Amateur Sports Clubs. He awarded "Department of Sports Career Fair Play Honorary Diploma" by the National Olympic Committee of Turkey in 2007. Mehmet Baykan was a board member of Football Federation for the first time between 2004 to 2006 and continues to served as a board member from 2008 till 2011 in the same federation. He also worked as a board member in the Taekwondo and Scouting Federations in some periods.

In December 2009, he elected as a chairman of the General Confederation of Amateur Sports Clubs and he was re-elected again in 2011, has been working as a chairman since then.

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law.