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FIDE Trainers' Commission Meeting

Trainers’ Commission assembled for a meeting on the September, 2 in the morning in the Hotel Polat Renaissance. 25 famous trainers attended the meeting, among them FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong, and Secretary of the Commission for Women’s Chess Susan Polgar.

Chairman of Trainers’ Commission GM Adrian Mihalčišin reported about the Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk. Since the abovementioned event there were conducted 30 trainers’ seminars, even in such remote places, as Nigeria and Tajikistan, where FIDE trainers were welcomed very cordially.

As Mihalčišin mentioned, one the most important topics on the agenda is the development of the chess among disabled people. Trainers’ Commission is planning to launch series of seminars for disabled chess players, e.g. the first such seminar will be start in FIDE Trainer Academy in Berlin.

Chairman suggested establishing contacts with European Union deputies in order to involve their help in funding for various activities among disabled chess players.

On behalf of all Trainers’ Commission Chairman expressed his gratitude to all sponsors and supporters: FIDE, ARISF, ECU and National Chess Federations, Asian and African continental Chess Federations’ presidents and TRG lecturers.

Trainers’ licenses which had to become obligatory from 01/01/2012 were postponed for two years.

Trainers’ Commission plans to intensify trainers’ education by the introduction of educational seminars. At the moment practically all trainers joined FIDE trainers’ system. TRG has a practice of recommending its top-trainers for different National Chess Federations at their requests. Mihalčišin also mentioned about one unpleasant case, when TRG sent Mališauskas to Libiya, but after three months the war has started there.

TRG continues to publish books with the most important articles on middle games and endgames by top FIDE trainers. This useful material is available on TRG web site as well. Chairman emphasized the necessity of improvement of cooperation with different FIDE commissions. TRG is very satisfied with collaboration with Chess in Schools Commission, Development Commission and Commission for Women’s Chess.

Together with Chess in Schools Commission TRG publishes syllabus for trainers of the first level (beginners). TRG still cooperates with other commissions where their experience and expertise can be very valuable. TRG still awaits accepting and approving their proposals about such simple issues as the role of reserve player, logical parings in Swiss system tournaments and age of veterans. TRG emphasized that it’s necessary to improve the supervision of health condition of players during competitions. This question has to be discussed with Medical Commission.

Future TRG plans:
• publishing more useful books for trainers as program of their publishing was promised by FIDE President personally;
• discussing and amending the rights and obligations of team captains during the FIDE competitions;
• elaborate Africa program, which is ready to be launched after financial possibilities for it are found;

TRG should be very careful with the profile of the trainer’s, who work with kids, as some of these trainers have lack of pedagogical education. There are even some unpleasant cases of alcohol abuse, and unacceptable behavior during Youth competitions.

Mihalčišin believes that it’s necessary to create a specialized agency in FIDE for promotion of chess worldwide. For example, for development of women’s chess it may be possible to contact different fashion and cosmetic companies, women magazines. TRG believes that logo “Beautiful & clever” can be sold easily. This promotional agency should work seriously with world and national press.

On this subject Jesper Hall from Sweden remarked that first of all for such activity TRG needs to demonstrate to such companies the advantages and the attractiveness of chess. He himself prepared materials from Swedish and international researches for Swedish sponsors and suggested that such researches should be also conducted by Trainer’s Commission.

Regarding Chess Academies issue: TRG is ready to bring to life an ambitious plan of creating 500 academies worldwide. General Secretary Ignatius Leong explained and discussed the regulations for new-founded academies.

Different suggestions were made about the fees. General Secretary proposed to increase the registration fee for the academies and to decrease fees for individual trainers for participation in academies’ seminars.