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Ecuador Team

Flag of EcuadorDear Chess Friends;

You can see the Ecuador Team below;

Georgian Team

Flag of GeorgiaDear Chess Friends;

You can see the Georgian Teams below;

Team Compositions

Flag of BelgiumDear Chess Friends;

From now on, we will publish the team compositions of the national federations on the official page. We will give all informations about women and men teams according to the completed registrations. Each day, we are going to publish one or two teams of federations.

Belgium Team uploaded all photos of all players. You can check the teams below;


3rd Invitation
yazicDear Friends,

Since we have sent the 1st Invitation for Istanbul Olympiad 2012, till now(30.05.2012), 134 FIDE member federations have registered and got their usernames & passwords. The list of countries which have not registered yet is given as attachment:

Some of those federations contacted us but due to their arrears they have not been registered.

We would like to remind you that, 10th June 2012 is the deadline for 1st registration. After that date, there is no chance for us to accept any federation to Olympiad, even if they pay accommodation.

Therefore, we kindly remind you again to hurry and make your registration if your federation name is on attached list.

Sorry if you made your registration between the time this letter is prepared till it has been sent.

Best regards,

Ali Nihat YAZICI

Head of Organising Committee

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Press Accreditation
pressDear Chess Friends;

The press accreditation will be different from other participants. They should send their informations about the subjects below;