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Statement about arbiters

yazicDear Chess Family,

I was invited by FIDE to participate in the meeting in Athens to select the arbiters for the 40th Chess Olympiad. I went to the meeting on 3rd May 2012.

A list was drawn up, respecting the proposals of the Continental Presidents. However, on behalf of TCF, we have refused to accept some of the names on that list. These refusals are in no way personal, they are solely related to matters of chess and its well-being.

4th and Final Notice
warning olymDear Friends,

Since we have sent the 1st Invitation for Istanbul Olympiad 2012, till now(05.06.2012), 149 FIDE member federations have registered and got their usernames & passwords. The list of countries which have not registered yet is given as attachment:

We would like to remind you that, 10th June 2012 is the deadline for 1st registration. After that date, there is no chance for us to accept any federation to Olympiad, even if they pay accommodation.

Luxembourg Team
Flag of LuxembourgDear Chess Friends;

You can see the composition of Luxembourg Team below;

Azerbaijan Team
Flag of AzerbaijanDear Chess Friends;

Here you can find the team composition of Azerbaijan;

Armenian Team
Flag of ArmeniaDear Chess Friends;

You can see the composition of Armenian Team below;