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Day 5. Russian double success

shipov01Only one country at the Olympiad is keeping on going without losses in both tournaments. The country that always stays a favorite and, as a rule, misses something for the overall success... Russian men yet play very stable. Nobody loses and Grischuk and Jakovenko win. Today Dima sat at the bench, so Sasha played the role of the leader.

Day 4. Test of strength

shipov01Only in matches of peer competitors it is possible to understand who is well prepared to a tournament. And here they started. It turned out that not all the squads can take a punch and change the course of events in the matches. Chinese that seemed to be so tight conducted the match with Russia surprisingly weakly. Apparently they could not cope with the psychological stress. In fact, the result of the central match of the round was decided in the following game.

Day three – first losses of the favorites

shipov01Finally the matches between the favorites began, and the heat of the struggle has soared. The suspense and unusual twists entered the team competition. In the men's section a special interest was in the confrontation of Ukraine and Israel. At some moment it seemed that the reigning Olympic champions would lose with a big score, but the Gods had mercy upon them.

Day two – arrival of the great

shipov01The main stars of the favorite teams arrived in the playing hall and played their first games at the Olympiad. World women champion Hou Yifan became an exception, her friends in Chinese team bested the opponents without her.
The results of the starts differed. Sometimes there were mistakes.

Day of contrasts - GM Sergei Shipov

shipov01In the first round the strongest teams played with the opponents that were objectively lower in class, so there was no sportive intrigue initially. Another thing was interesting. Infamous players from chess province played with the world starts for the first and maybe even for the last time in their lives – for them it was a big Event. This is what Olympiad is great for – it allows 'simple mortals' to become the opponents of the famous players, although it can be just for a short time.


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